Starting with a classic German snack, these soft pretzels are perfect for the big game. You can make them ahead - and (almost) everyone will love them!

They are made from a simple yeast dough that is then rolled and formed into a pretzel. After a quick baking soda bath just put them in the oven. That's it!

The pretzels taste delicious with butter or this German beer cheese spread. It's a classic beer garden dish from the south of Germany.

You can easily make the cheese spread at home - using ripe camembert, butter, cream cheese, wheat beer and spices!

If you'd prefer something warm and fried instead, give these patatas bravas a try - a classic tapas dish from Spain!

The potatoes are fried in olive oil but the actual highlight of this tapas dish is the delicious spicy red sauce it is eaten with!

Serve them in a shallow bowl with some forks or toothpicks so that everyone can dig into this classic sharing plate!

Another popular European fried snack/ street food is this Hungarian Lángos. Who could say no to something that's fried to golden brown perfection?

For game day, you could shape the dough into mini versions (much smaller than in the photo above) for everyone enjoy.

People can then dress this fried dough with as much garlic sour cream and cheese as they like.

Of course, there are many more European recipes that you could enjoy for the big game - but these ones definitely won't disappoint. Enjoy!