This German meatloaf, also known as "Falscher Hase" (False Hare) in German, is easy to make and comes with a unique twist that is sure to impress!

To make it, first peel the onion and chop it into small pieces.

Heat oil in a frying pan and sauté the onion for a few minutes until translucent.

Add the ground pork, ground beef, breadcrumbs, sautéed onion, egg, salt, pepper, paprika, and mustard to a mixing bowl.

Mix everything together with your clean hands. At this time, also preheat your oven to 390 °F.

Place slightly less than half of the meat mixture into the bottom of the loaf pan. Spread it out evenly.

Then place three peeled hard-boiled eggs on top of the meat.

Next, add the rest of the meat around and on top of the eggs and press down slightly.

Bake the meatloaf for approximately 40-45 minutes until fully cooked and browned on top.

Slice the meatloaf and serve it with boiled or mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and gravy. Enjoy!