Agua de Valencia (Orange Cocktail)

How To Make

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Agua de Valencia is a refreshing orange cocktail from Spain! With a base of orange juice mixed with vodka, gin, and cava it is sweet and bubbly.

What You'll Need

Orange Juice Cava (or Champagne or Prosecco) Gin Vodka Orange Ice cubes

If you want to use fresh orange juice, squeeze the oranges. Also cut one orange into slices, then into triangles.

Add ice cubes to the serving glasses and a large pitcher so it's half full. Then also pour in the orange juice and add most of the orange triangles.

Next, add the gin and vodka and stir well. Then open the cava (or prosecco or champagne) bottle and add about one cup. Stir again.

Optional: Fill each glass with the drink and leave a little room at the top. Top up each glass with more cava if desired. Enjoy (responsibly)!

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