Easy  Shrimp Cocktail

How To Make

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This easy Shrimp Cocktail is a popular Dutch appetizer known as Garnalencocktail. Made with cooked shrimp and a creamy cocktail sauce, it's perfect for New Year's.

What You'll Need

Small Cooked Shrimp Lemon Butter Lettuce Leaves Whipping Cream Mayonnaise Ketchup Salt Black Pepper

First, whip the whipping cream to a thick consistency using an immersion blender. Then add the juice of half a lemon.

Now, add the ketchup and mayo and stir with a spoon until the mixture is well-combined. You can add Tabasco sauce if you want some spice.

In another bowl, add the cooked shrimp, the salt, pepper, and the other half of the lemon. Mix everything with a spoon.

Now to construct: lay a leaf of butter lettuce in the bottom of a glass, then add shrimp, and top it off with some cocktail sauce.

Serve the shrimp cocktails cold with a spoon. They make a great appetizer. Enjoy!

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