Glühwein (German  Mulled Wine)

How To Make

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German Mulled Wine - known as Glühwein - is a fragrant, sweet, and citrusy hot alcoholic drink enjoyed around the holiday season. It's easy to make at home!

What You'll Need

Red Wine Cinnamon Sticks Oranges Cloves Sugar Rum (optional) Cardamom (optional) Star Anise (optional)

Start by washing and slicing the oranges. You can save a few for garnish if you want.

Next, add the red wine, cinnamon sticks, orange slices, cloves, and sugar to a pot. Rum, cardamom  and star anise are optional.

With the lid on, simmer over low heat for about 1 hour (less if you don't want an intense flavor). Do not bring to a boil or you will boil off some of the alcohol.

Stir periodically. After an hour, taste it and add more sugar to taste. Sift out the spices and citrus slices and serve hot in mugs.

You can add citrus slices - fresh ones or the ones from the pot and a cinnamon stick to each mug if you like. Enjoy!

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