Authentic Rum Balls

How To Make

Recipes from Europe

These classic Rum balls are loaded with chocolate and rum. Velvety soft on the inside, they make a popular holiday treat - and edible gift, too!

What You'll Need

Dark Chocolate Chips Milk Chocolate Chips Butter Powdered Sugar Cocoa Powder Rum Chocolate Sprinkles

First, melt the chocolate chips in a metal mixing bowl. We use hot water in the sink for this step. Then set this bowl aside.

In another bowl, mix the room temp butter and the powdered sugar with a hand or stand mixer until creamy.

Next, add the melted chocolate, cocoa powder, and the rum to the bowl and mix it all together.

Once you have a smooth mixture, cover the bowl with cling wrap and set in the fridge for two hours to harden.

Once the 2 hours are up,  prepare your "creation station". A bowl for sprinkles, a bowl for cocoa powder, a bowl of cold water, and a plate.

Use a teaspoon to gather some of the mixture, then roll it in your cold, dry palms until you have a smooth, round ball.

Then roll the ball in either sprinkles or in cocoa powder and set aside on the plate. Repeat until you have used up all of the chocolate mixture.

Place the finished balls on a serving plate. You can keep the rum balls chilled until serving - enjoy!

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