Tinto de Verano

How To Make

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If you're looking for a summer drink that is super easy to make, you have to try this Tinto de Verano recipe! A popular drink in Spain, it's similar to Sangria but even easier.

What You'll Need

Red Wine Lemon Soda Lemons Ice cubes

Start by slicing the lemons into wheels, then set them aside. Using lemons is optional but recommended (they add freshness and look nice).

Fill a pitcher with ice cubes (preferably large ice cubes so they don't melt as fast) and add some lemon slices. Then fill half the pitcher with red wine.

Next, add the lemon soda and mix well. You can also use casera soda (popular in Spain, but can be difficult to find in other countries).

Serve the tinto de verano in glasses with more ice and a lemon wheel on the rim. Instead of using a pitcher, you can also mix the drink directly in each glass. Enjoy!

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