man and woman standing in front of a lake with green trees around
Here we are in Canada… just being us!

Welcome to Recipes from Europe!

We’re Lisa and Eric – a German and a Canadian/Hungarian, respectively. We’re travellers (that’s how we met), we’re European (Lisa was born and raised in Germany, Eric has Eastern European roots), and we have a passion for food from different European countries.

It’s true that our travels have made us become more interested in the food. Food is a gateway into understanding a country – and we think it’s fascinating.

Additionally, we both grew up eating recipes prepared by our parents and grandparents. We’re no stranger to a bowl of goulash or a plate of Klöße mit Rouladen (potato dumplings with rolled and filled beef)!

Recipes From Europe is about celebrating food, family, and culture. This site is about sharing recipes for the dishes that we have grown up with – and also trying out some new ones. Keep in mind, not all of the recipes here are super “traditional”.

This is because some of them changed as they were passed down – both through the generations and between continents. With other recipes on this site, we are going to try and experiment a bit!

Whatever your motivations for visiting – to whip up a great dish, to get inspired by another country’s cuisine, or to revive an old family favourite – we hope that you enjoy your time on our website!

Guten Appetit (German for “Enjoy your meal”),