11 Delicious Sangria Recipes

Check Out These Awesome Sangria Recipes For All Occasions!

If you are searching for a drink recipe that is sure to please any crowd (well, most people), then sangria is a great drink to whip up! This delicious alcoholic beverage – native to Spain – is likely one of the best-known Spanish drinks that people could name off the top of their head!

That said, the history of sangria is a little hazy (probably because of the consumption of the sangria). Scholars agree that while sangria is now attributed as a Spanish creation that got exported throughout the world in seafaring times – a version of the spiced wine drink was around thousands of years before!

In any case, sangria can now be found in all corner of the world (for better or for worse). Very traditional sangria is made from a base of red wine with chopped fruit added.

These days, the drink has been created and re-created so many times and in different places that now it’s no secret to see wild sangria variations pleasing flavor palates: white wine sangria, rose sangria, and many others.

In addition, the types of fruits that are chopped and added, the extra liqueurs and/or hard liquors added, and even the the garnishes have all been modified over time!

We really like sangria. It’s a drink that – from Eric as a North American – pops up on restaurant/bar menus around April as a universal symbol for the upcoming summer patio season (a very sacred time in Canada).

Lisa, on the other hand, has spent lots of time in Spain and even lived there in her university years. For her, sangria was often a staple when having tapas nights with friends.

Sangria is certainly a social drink that means different things to different people. That’s why we have collected a number of great sangria recipes for you to try out. From more traditional sangria recipes to modern adaptations, we’re all for highlighting some different takes on the popular drink!

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Whether you are looking for a traditional Sangria recipe, a more modern creation, or even a unique twist to this classic cocktail, these great Sangria recipes cater to a wide range of tastes, styles, and even different seasons!

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