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11 Delicious Sangria Recipes

Check Out These Awesome Sangria Recipes For All Occasions!

If you are searching for a drink recipe that is sure to please any crowd (well, most people), then sangria is a great drink to whip up!

This delicious alcoholic beverage is likely one of the best-known Spanish drinks that people could name off the top of their head!

That said, the history of sangria is a little hazy (probably because of the consumption of the sangria).

Scholars agree that while sangria is now attributed as a Spanish creation that got exported throughout the world in seafaring times – a version of the spiced wine drink was around thousands of years before!

In any case, sangria can now be found in all corners of the world. Very traditional Spanish sangria is made from a base of red wine with chopped fruit added.

These days, the drink has been created and re-created so many times and in different places that now it’s no secret to see wild sangria variations pleasing flavor palates: white wine sangria, rose sangria, and many others.

In addition, the types of fruits that are chopped and added, the extra liqueurs and/or hard liquors added, and even the the garnishes have all been modified over time!

Sangria is certainly a social drink that means different things to different people. That’s why we have collected a number of great sangria recipes for you to try out.

From more traditional sangria recipes to modern adaptations, we’re all for highlighting some different takes on the popular drink!

Red Wine Sangria

Red sangria in tall glasses with fruit.
Photo Credit: www.whiskaffair.com

If you’re looking for a more traditional sangria recipe, this one is a good choice – utilizing a cheaper red wine and simple fruits like strawberries and green apples.

Basil Raspberry Rose Sangria

Red Sangria in glasses with raspberries, mint and lime as garnish.
Photo Credit: swirlsofflavor.com

Searching for a “summertime sipper”? This refreshing rose sangria recipe is carefully made with fresh chopped basil, raspberries, and uses vodka as one of the alcohol components!

Pomegranate Holiday Sangria

dark red Sangria with orange slices and cinnamon sticks as garnish on orange background.
Photo Credit: www.liveeatlearn.com

For a sangria recipe with a bit of spice, try out this holiday recipe that includes autumn flavors like pomegranate and cinnamon!

Slightly sweet, this recipe is also made with brandy for a bit of kick.

White Wine Sangria

Pitcher of white wine sangria with chopped up fruit in it and sangria in wine glasses around.
Photo Credit: slowthecookdown.com

If you to change it up from the classic red wine sangria recipe, you are in luck! This recipe calls for white wine, loads of fruit like apples and strawberries, and white rum for the rum lovers in your group!

Gorgeous Sangria Using Rosé and Fresh Berries

Photo from top of light sangria with berries and ice cubes in glasses.
Photo Credit: www.baconismagic.ca

Another take on rose sangria, this super simple recipe is easy to make and serves up as a lighter crowd pleaser.

Made from rose wine and sparkling water, berries are added with the additional alcohol of choice to round out the pink creation!

Pineapple Raspberry Sangria

glass of light sangria with pineapple chunks and raspberries.
Photo Credit: www.sweetandsavorybyshinee.com

Bright and colorful, this white wine sangria recipe is sure to cheer you up!

Made from Pinot Grigio as the base, the inclusion of raspberries and zesty pineapple add a punch of flavor while the liquor brings the sass!

Easy Tropical Sangria

light sangria with cut up colorful fruit including oranges and  strawberries in glasses.
Photo Credit: recipesfromapantry.com

Feeling a tad more tropical and want a sangria to match? This tropical sangria recipe is for you!

With white wine as the base, the inclusion of tropical juices, loads of chopped fruit, and a classic taste of dark rum is what turn this recipe to the beachy side of life!

Autumn Apple Sangria

glass of yellow sangria with slices of apple and pomegranate seeds.
Photo Credit: www.liveeatlearn.com

Getting back to seasonal-specific sangria recipes, fall is a great time enjoy this classic beverage!

This autumn apple sangria serves up fall flavors with – unsurprisingly – white wine and apples, with a touch of cinnamon to give the drink those classic fall notes!

Autumn Apple & Pear Sangria

Pitcher of dark red sangria with apple cubes and wine glass with gold decor and sangria in front.
Photo Credit: homecookingmemories.com

Another entry into the autumn sangria list. It is certainly more than just a summer drink!

This recipe – utilizing both apples and pears – takes on a red wine base with a hint of brandy. You can even garnish with a cinnamon stick!

Cava Sangria

yellow sangria with cut up strawberries in glasses.
Photo Credit: www.carolinescooking.com

Putting a new twist on a classic recipe, this light and summery sangria recipe is definitely one to try.

Made with Cava – a Spanish sparkling wine, the recipe finishes off with fresh fruit like peaches, oranges, and strawberries – and a liqueur of your choice!

White Peach Sangria

sangria with peach slices and raspberry in wine glass with whole peach next to it.
Photo Credit: spinachtiger.com

Crazy for anything peaches flavored? Then this peach sangria recipe is for you!

Made from white wine and a tasty peach syrup, this recipe adds sliced peaches and even peach ice cubes to max out the peachiness. Don’t forget the garnish!

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