9 Authentic  Oktoberfest Recipes

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For a classic taste and look, German pretzels are the way to go. Soft on the inside and covered in coarse salt, these pretzels are actually easy to make at home without lye!

Obatzda - sometimes called German Beer Cheese - is a creamy, tangy mix of cheeses and spices. Use it as a spread or dip for bread, pretzels, and more!

These delicious German potato pancakes are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and so easy to make! Eat them with garlic sauce or apple sauce.

Potato salad is a classic German side to Brathendl (roast chicken). This creamy version with sausage, eggs, and mayo is filling and flavorful.

A classic German mixed beer beverage, Radler is the perfect combination of sweet and bubbly. Made with soda like sprite and beer, it's super refreshing!

Käsespätzle is the best cheesy, filling dish. Made with egg noodles and Emmental cheese, the crispy onions are the perfect topping.

If you're looking for a filling dish without cheese, try Schupfnudeln! Often served with sauerkraut and bacon, they are flavorful and filling.

For a creamy Oktoberfest dessert, Bavarian Cream is a good option. Topped with a colorful berry coulis, it's a sweet dessert that looks a little fancy.

If you're looking for a different type of dessert, try making Kaiserschmarrn - a torn up pancake. With or without raisins, it tastes delicious with powdered sugar.

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