31 Delectable European Christmas Cookies You Should Make

Here Are Different European Christmas Cookies For You To Try!

Fact: Some of the best European cookies are European Christmas cookies. Okay, this may not be a hard fact but it’s definitely hard to argue with!

From jam-filled delights to every German spice cookies you can think of, traditional Christmas cookies in Europe come in many different shapes, sizes, and flavors.

Photo collage of Christmas cookies on plates
These are only some delicious Christmas cookies!

We know a lot about German Christmas cookies (Lisa being German) but there are so many other great types of European cookies out there.

It’s fascinating to see how different countries (and whole regions) celebrate the holidays with cookies specific to their history and culture.

So, with so many other authentic Christmas cookie recipes out there, we decided to round up some of the top European cookie recipes by fellow creators.

Oftentimes these recipes have been passed down by family members – a sentiment we definitely hold close, too!

Let us know which ones you like in the comments below!

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European Christmas Cookies

Looking to make delicious Christmas cookies this holiday season? Get inspiration from all across Europe! There are so many different European Christmas cookies - it can be hard to decide which ones to bake first!

From popular Christmas cookies recipes for German Pfeffernüsse (spice cookies) and Austrian Vanillekipferl (vanilla crescent cookies) to lesser-known Finnish Joulutorttu (cookies with prune jam), here's a massive round-up of sweet and unique Christmas cookies that look great on any holiday dessert plate!

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