10 Delicious German Christmas Cookies [+Recipes]

Looking For Traditional German Christmas Cookies? We’ve Got Them!

For us, nothing says “the holidays are here” as a fresh batch of German Christmas cookies!

And from hard German Christmas cookies to soft cookies, classic Pfeffernüsse to Lebkuchen and butter cookies, there is definitely no shortage of great German Christmas cookie recipes!

plate of german christmas cookies on white counter
A dessert plate loaded with classic German Christmas cookies!

It’s no secret that Germans love their holiday cookies – and that we love traditional German cookies.

Not only was Lisa was born and raised in Germany but we’ve been lucky enough to have traveled around Germany together around the holidays.

Experiencing the sights and smells of German Christmas Market food is something everyone should experience. Of course, tasting the delicious cookies – like Aachener Printen – that go along with the holidays is also a must-do!

There are so many different types of German Christmas cookies that you can make. It’s actually fascinating to see how German holiday cookies (and their recipes) differ by region or tradition.

Some cookie recipes have a rich history about them because of the ingredients used. Lebkuchen comes to mind here.

Some cookies obviously include traditional spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and anise, but not all of them. You can even find gluten-free German Christmas cookies if you need to create some!

decorative plate of german christmas cookies with cinnamon stick on counter
Pick your German Christmas cookie… any one will do!

Aside from societal importance of holiday cookies, German Christmas cookies are a big part of celebrating the holidays with friends and family.

Many of these cookies are relatively easy to make so they can be whipped together in large batches and shared in cookie tins between households. Lisa’s family used to do this.

Looking for more cookies for the holidays? Check out these European Christmas cookies!

So, if you’re looking to create some traditional German Christmas cookies, check out our cookie recipes below. You’ll find a mix of different cookie types and flavors that you can create.

These recipes don’t have any crazy fancy ingredients or tools used which means you can bake Christmas cookies without any added stress. Have fun and let us know which holiday cookies you enjoy the most!

German Christmas Cookies

Looking to make some traditional German Christmas cookies? Our authentic cookie recipes are sure to please - and cover many German holiday cookies you might think of!

From classic German Butter cookies to Spice Cookies (Pfeffernüsse) and Cinnamon Stars, these German cookie recipes are easy to make with simple ingredients and methods. Plus, you get to have fun decorating most of them for the holidays!

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