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16 Popular German Drinks (w/ Recipes)

Here Are Some Popular German Drinks For Summer, Christmas, and More!

If you’re thirsty and looking for some German inspiration to quench your thirst, you’ve come to the right place!

Germany is a country with a rich and diverse drinking culture, where you can find everything from refreshing mineral water (Mineralwasser), arguably Germany’s most popular drink, to strong herbal liqueurs.

Whether it’s on a cobblestone patio in the heat of the summer or at a famous Christmas Market during the holiday season, there is a German drink for every occasion.

vertical photo collage of four german drinks in their glasses.
Some classic German drinks for all occasions!

Lisa grew up in Bavaria and we have traveled around the country together. So we’ve had some ubiquitous classics (like Glühwein and Radler) and some regional specialties.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most classic and popular German drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Some of them you might be able to buy and others you can make right at home – we’ve included links to recipes where it makes sense and will add more over time. Prost!

two clear mugs of mulled wine with cinnamon sticks sitting on wooden board.

Glühwein (German Mulled Wine)

Enjoy a taste of Germany with this Glühwein recipe, a traditional mulled wine made with red wine, sugar, spices like cinnamon, and fresh fruit like oranges. This warm and festive drink is perfect for the holidays and will please any crowd.
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german glass mug with radler beer beside pretzels on wooden board


Radler is a classic mixed beer drink. Also known as Alsterwasser in parts of the country, it is a popular drink during the summer months and very easy to make at home. All you need is some beer and a soda with a citrus flavor (like Sprite), and you can have a sweet and bubbly beverage in minutes!
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german colaweizen drink in tall glass with pretzels and cheese behind


A Colaweizen is a unique and delicious German drink. It is made by mixing half Cola and half wheat beer (Weißbier), creating a sweet and refreshing beverage. You will feel like you are in a German beer garden when you sip on a Colaweizen!
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two glasses of german egg liqueur on wooden tray

Eierlikör (German Egg Liqueur)

Eierlikör, or German Egg Liqueur, is a rich and creamy liqueur made with egg yolks, sugar, cream, and rum. You can drink Eierlikör on its own in a small glass or use it in other beverages like Eierpunsch or as an ingredient in desserts!
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german eierpunsch in glass with cinnamon stick and whipped cream

Eierpunsch (German Egg Punch)

Eierpunsch, or egg punch, is a hot and tasty German holiday drink. It is made with egg liqueur and wine, giving it a sweet, creamy, and cinnamony flavor. With some whipping cream on top, this drink is a festive way to celebrate the holiday season!
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clear mugs of mulled white wine with citrus slices and cinnamon in each glass.

Weißer Glühwein (Mulled White Wine)

Mulled White Wine is a light and refreshing twist on classic Glühwein. Instead of red wine, this recipe uses white wine and adds citrus flavors along with holiday spices and warmth. This mulled wine is a perfect drink for the festive season!
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glasses of german apple spritzer on wooden board with apple sitting beside

Apfelschorle (German Apple Spritzer)

Apfelschorle, or German Apple Spritzer, is a simple and classic German drink. You just need to mix apple juice with sparkling water and you will have a bubbly, non-alcoholic drink. It's one of Lisa's favorite German drinks and often her go-to when she doesn't want to order an alcoholic drink.
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two glasses of red kinderpunsch with cinnamon sticks on wooden cutting board.

Kinderpunsch (German Non-Alcoholic Punch)

Kinderpunsch is a classic German non-alcoholic punch that is perfect for the holidays. It is made with fruit tea, apple juice, and spices like cinnamon and cloves that give it a fragrant aroma. This drink is served hot and popular during the holiday season.
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german wine spritzer on wooden cutting board with bottle behind

Weinschorle (German Wine Spritzer)

A Weinschorle, or German wine spritzer, is a refreshing drink that is great for socializing or dining. You can make it with any white wine you like and some sparkling water. It is a drink that is not too strong and very refreshing!
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whipping cream with silver spoon dipping into ice cream coffee

Eiskaffee (Ice Cream Coffee)

Eiskaffee, or ice cream coffee, is a classic drink/treat for a hot summer day. It is made with cold coffee, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream, making it more than just “iced coffee”. It is usually served in a tall glass with chocolate shavings on top and often ordered at Eisdielen (ice cream parlors).
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Other Popular German Drinks

There are some other popular drinks in Germany – alcoholic and non-alcoholic – that you may have heard of:

  • Jägermeister: A German herbal liqueur made from 56 herbs and spices. It is often served after dinner or mixed with other drinks.
  • Himbeergeist: A fruit brandy made with raspberries.
  • Kölsch: A type of beer from the city of Cologne, Germany. Unlike other beers in the country, it is usually served in small glasses.
  • Hugo: A cocktail made with prosecco, elderflower syrup, seltzer, mint leaves and lime. It is originally from South Tyrol, but is very popular in Germany.
  • Kiba: A colorful two-layer smoothie made with bananas and cherries, popular during the warmer months.
  • Spezi: A soft drink made with cola and orange soda.

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