35+ Authentic German Recipes

A Curated List of Authentic German Recipes – Made By Our Own German!

Looking to cook like a German? If you miss Oma’s cooking – or you’re looking to try our a new German recipe – you’re in the right place!

In case you’re new to RecipesfromEurope: Lisa is German and learned to cook loads of German dishes with her parents and grandparents when she was younger.

Now that we have moved to North America, she still likes baking and cooking German recipes frequently.

There are many different “German recipes” out there – and some of them are definitely more authentic than others.

Our list aims to keep include traditional and authentic recipes that we’re familiar with.

Depending on how well you know German cuisine, you might have even eaten some of these dishes before.

multiple authentic german recipe dishes
Great authentic German recipes from sweet cakes and festive Glühwein to savory potatoes!

At the same time, it’s also important to remember that there are many different versions of the same dish. German potato salad is a good example of this. Regional differences make for many recipe variations (all of which are valid and authentic!).

Before you dive in, just an FYI: There are lots of classic German recipes – mainly meat-based recipes like roasts – that we have not made (yet). So, you’re not going to find many recipes like in this round-up.

Our point is, just because you can’t find a German recipe that you know of on this list, that does not mean that it’s not an authentic German recipe – it might be!

So, whether you’re looking for easy German recipes for a potluck or quick German recipes to whip together for dinner, our list is a fun mix of delicious German appetizers, main dishes, and includes loads of German desserts and some drinks!

We’ll update this round-up over time. So feel free to save it to your bookmarks or to your Pinterest account and come back to it when you want to make some German food!

shredded Emmental cheese, this not-too-healthy-but-oh-so-yummy dish is topped with fried onions and parsley for added crunch and flavor!

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