Authentic German Potato Recipes

Lots of German Potato Recipes to Give You Tasty Ideas!

Do you love potatoes? Are you looking for a list of amazing potato recipes? Well, then you are in the right place.

German cuisine has a number of staple ingredients – and potatoes are definitely one of them. That’s why we’ve ended up creating loads of different German recipes that include potatoes as a key element.

Of course, it’s easy to understand why Germans love their potatoes. Potatoes were (and still are) a relatively easy crop to produce.

They are relatively resilient, don’t require excess effort and costs (compared to other crops), have a decent shelf life, and provide quite a bit of nutritional value per yield.

food plates with different german potato dishes
These are just some of the German potato recipes we have below!

Basically, potatoes helped keep people alive in times of famine throughout the centuries. This just means that recipes have been passed down for generations – and we are the recipients of these potato recipes whether mashed, boiled, fried, or stewed!

Understandably, many of these German potato recipes are inspired by Lisa’s upbringing or our travels – and we’ve certainly been lucky enough to try lots of different recipes.

Whether it was Lisa’s grandmother making potato dumplings or us eating potato pancakes at a classic German Christmas market, we’ve enjoyed potatoes more than you might think!

So, below is a collection of our delicious German potato recipes. These have been tried and tested so we are confident sharing them. We’ll add to this post as we create/uncover more so be sure to check back often!

German Potato Recipes

There are lots of great German potato recipes out there - and we have a few of our favorites below!

From German potato pancakes (which everyone seems to go wild for) to potato dumplings and potato soup, you're sure to find a recipe to suit your course and guests!

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